Softwipe Important!

  • Ahoy sailors,

    our server is up for quite some time and some of you have built diligently.

    Since the launch of Atlas it unfortunately was not clear what endgame content will be available and what you need for a map, so to the best of our knowledge we used a 3x3 grid hosted and sponsored by Nitrado, which Exilog created. Meanwhile, matters look different and we all know what is needed for the end bosses and power stones.

    Therefore, we will perform a soft wipe on March 15, 2019. From a 3x3 grid we will switch to a 5x5 grid. It is important that we continue to use only the 3x3 grid, but have the possibility to expand in the future. The 5x5 grid will also allow us to add more content relevant to future events.

    In fact you keep your characters, animals and ships as well as all structures and items that you can load to your ships!
    For this you have to have move your fully loaded ships loaded into the current B2 tile by 15.3.19 and park it close to the server border. All set structures in the other grids (all but the current B2) are then removed by hand. Once that is done you to evacuate your belongings to an adjacent sector, so that B2 can be cleared out after.

    Your AtlasWorldforum Team

  • additional information:

    all servers of the 3x3 grid will get wiped clean of structures except B2. so make sure you got your stuff moved to that tile by then.

    once the rest of the grid got a prestine map rolled out move to an adjacent tile. i know Dakhar stated that above already but here

    comes the important part:
    you got 'til the 19th of March to move your stuff out of B2 because it will get wiped as well and will become the BOSS tile

  • As of 16.3.19

    Hey there

    unfortunately the softwipe did not work as intended. As a matter of fact it did not work at all.

    Neither we nor our partner Nitrado have an explanation that could lead to what happened.

    In the transition from a 3x3 to a 5x5 grid information got corrupted that also had an impact on character data.

    Therefore the decision has been made to completely wipe the server/s and start from scratch on a pristine 5x5 map.

    This this decision was not made light-headed as we know that some of you invested quite some time and work.

    Talking about the 5x5 server:

    The entire grid is a 5x5 one although we started out on a 3x3 one located around the center of the map.

    Surrounding tiles will be added step by step and some have already been attached and are ready for action.

    Check on this map of the new server where red areas are the parts that can't be traveled to as of now.


    ahoi mateys