New Server-Settings and Grid-editor update

  • Grapeshot has announced a bunch of news serversettings and released a new version of the Servergrideditor with a fix patch

    Unofficial server settings




    Set this to true to use the new "Colonies" island settlement system


    If true, you can place all structures without claim flags. We strongly recommend setting this to true if you're using the settlement mode


    If true, you are still required to have a claim flag to place cannons even if bDontRequireClaimFlagsForBuilding is true. We strongly recommend setting this to true if you're using the settlement mode


    The length of the settlement mode's combat phase


    Scales how much gold you get from treasure maps


    Acts as a minimum value for how many points you'll get from any single discovery zone


    Scales the enemy build prevention radius


    Scales how long before newly-placed land cannons are allowed to fire. set it to zero to remove this feature.


    If true, 'enemies' will be allowed to stand on your ship in PvE


    If true and the server is in PvE configuration, player characters will disappear when logged out


    If true, player characters on homeservers will disappear when logged out


    If greater than zero, ships that have not had any of that team logged-in nearby will be destroyed after that amount of time


    If true and NOT playing settlement mode, the list of top 10 companies will be displayed on the map






    For these, if non-zero they will scale-limit how many 'island points' a company is allowed to claim with claimflags. In non-settlement "Empires" mode that is simply the total number of claim flags.

    Here are the values we use for PvE as an example:

    CompanySoloIslandPointsAmount = 30;

    CompanyMinIslandPointsPlayers = 1;

    CompanyMaxIslandPointsPlayers = 50;

    CompanyMinIslandPointsAmounts = 30;

    CompanyMaxIslandPointsAmounts = 150;

    And for PvP:




    CompanyMinIslandPointsAmounts = 250;

    CompanyMaxIslandPointsAmounts = 250;


    For settlement mode, this will scale the amount of upkeep resources necessary in the claim flags. you can set it to 0 to remove the upkeep entirely.


    For settlement mode, this is how often (in seconds) players are allowed to adjust the combat schedule for a settlement (edited)


    For settlement mode, this is how long a war lasts

    MinSettlementWarTimeOffset = 172800

    For settlement mode, this is the minimum amount of time in the future that a war can be scheduled

    MaxSettlementWarTimeOffset = 345600

    For settlement mode, this is the maximum amount of time in the future that a war can be scheduled

    MinimumSettlementWarCooldownInterval = 432000

    For settlement mode, this is the amount of time after a war ends before a new war can be declared


    If you set this to true, the fog & shrowd of war will be disabled


    If you set this to true, foundation/supports will be more correctly required for horizontal structure building, improving server performance but consequently limiting certain kinds of architectural builds.

    bAutoCalculateIslandPoints = true;

    If true, for settlement mode, the island points will automatically be calculated by the island's size on the map, for any islands that are set to 1 point

    AutoIslandPointSizePower = 0.6f //a power to apply to this calculation

    AutoIslandPointSizeScale=0.000015f //a scale to this calculation

    AutoIslandPointsMin=1 //a minimum clamp on this calculation

    AutoIslandPointsMax=100 //a maximum clamp on this calculation


    For settlement mode, the period of time that a settlement owner is able to instantly demolish any other settler team's structures during peacetime


    For non-settlement mode, the distance away from shore that water claims are allowed to be placed (0 means no limit)

    AutoDestroyWildDinosInterval = 259200

    If greater than zero, wild dinos will be automatically destroyed and respawned at this interval if the server has been live this long, to help keep wild dino populations correct. Only recommend using this if bAllowSavingWildDinos=false from the ServerSettings section

    We have also updated our ServerGridEditor and island jsons, which can be found on our github. They have been updated for this major release, including some fixes that have occurred over the past few days since the PTR went live.

    You can grab them here: ServerGridEditor & Fixes.

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