Berko's personal logbook to Atlas

  • Atlas "Dewels Juwel", Saturday, 02/02/2019:


    - I know Dewels Jewel now why it is so called.

    - Terrific impressive sundowns.

    - I finally have the rosemary found and that one of Lignonberrys here, too.

    - I can cook a couple of firmer meals now.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Sailing Master Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

  • Atlas "Shipyard", Sunday, 02/10/2019:
    - The shipyard is currently free and I have enough wood to build a ship for me. It should be a seaworthy brig.

    - I had the basic form explained to me, so that I could keep to the exact building specification for the skeleton.

    - I have chosen the planking very sparingly for the middle deck to save wood, which I then use for the deck construction.

    - I only made a narrow border for the recording of the six cannons.
    - The deck superstructures I designed airy, so enough light comes to the lower decks and the ventilation does not allow the water and the food to bum so quickly.

    - For defense, I have mounted on the deck two swifel guns and two more cannons at the rear. I hope that helps me to repel pursuers.

    - I chose a four-master. Two mainsails, a medium and a small sail, should take me fast enough from one island to another.
    - The launch was very noisy but everything is tight and now my new brig waiting for the maiden voyage.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Sailing Master Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

  • Atlas "New World", Saturday, 03/09/2019:

    - A dream doesn't leave me alone, our little village is surrounded by mountains. Unfortunately, this remains a dream, or a hint for the future.

    - We'll be leaving soon to explore new unknown lands. Maybe we will build a village surrounded by protective mountains like in a dream.

    - Many errands are made and some goods are shipped back and forth. It is always nice to watch the sea so calm and colourful.

    - A new galleon is under construction to help with the relocation. Beside the ark, which is also an unusual galleon to given dimensions and which takes in the animals, our whole fleet will set off soon.

    - Times are getting restless, so it's high time to go. Marauding buccaneers have blown up the moult to the village with powder barrels and destroyed part of the harbour. One of our important flagships was sunk. The crew has perished. We desperately show away from the wreck.

    - All the more reason to leave the village to its downfall.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Sailing Master Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass: