Upcoming map overhaul and adjustments

  • Ahoy, buccaneers,

    As some of you already knew, we are planning to edit the current map.

    This includes the following changes:

    - This shifted the Golden Age ruin so that all are in the core of the core controlled by Nitrado.

    - Possibly add new island (if available)

    - Inserting the quests on the map

    - A revision of the visual card to make it more beautiful

    Originally it was planned to do this earlier so that at this point the whole thing is already running.

    Unfortunately our card maker Exilog had to go on a business trip unexpectedly and is now on vacation until 28.10.

    Therefore it will take unfortunately still a few days. At the moment I assume that we will adapt the map in the week of 28.10 to that effect.

    Until then I would ask you not to build any structures on the Golden Age Island. The positions where the Golden Age ruins will go will be announced in advance.

    Other islands will not be moved or replaced!

    Greetings Dakhar