Patch ver 401.13 and some more

  • Patchversion: 401.13 (and some predecessors)

    Status: released


    - Imprint time now scales inversely (decreases) when the baby
    maturation rate is above 4x. This means, during bonus rate events,
    imprint timers will automatically adjust to compensate for the quicker

    - Disabled Claim Flag height limit on all Official Network.
    Functionality still works and can be used on Unofficial Servers


    - Disabled Claim Flag height limit on PvE servers (only meant to be active on PvP)
    v401.5 (Server 401.8)

    - Islands on the Official Network now have a maximum z-value for how high Claim Flags can be placed, unique to the island. These are based on

    the highest terrain points, before considering mountains, large rock formations or steep pillars. The in-game HUD will let you know whether

    your current claim flag is in a valid location. If your claim flag is not in a valid location, when attempting to place a new one you will

    receive HUD feedback informing you whether a spot is valid or not. Players will have approximately a month (Mid/Late November) to

    reposition their flag to a new location. We'll provide a more specific date closer to the patch which changes this. When placing the flag at

    the new spot, it will automatically destroy the old claim flag and transfer the inventory into the new flag.

    - Unofficials can activate this setting by changing the following config in their game.ini:

    MaxSettlementFlagZ = 999999 (default, which means FlagZ can be placed at 99999 z height above the per-island specific height).

    This is an offset value, if you adjust this, it will use the per-island specific max height + the offset. For example, making it 3000 will look

    for the highest 'legitimate' location on an island, and then add an additional 3000 z to that height to determine the flag's maximum


    The following game.ini config can be used to destroy all invalid claim flags, please be advised that this cannot be reversed once done:


    - Fixed a bug which prevented Unofficial Servers on Xbox from being able to see the map

    v400.63 (Server Only)

    - Online Players (no changes towards offline or NPC Crew) can only contest flags (defending or attacking) when in one of the following


    > When a player is grounded (e.g walking on the ground)

    > When a player is seated (e.g sitting in a chair)

    > When a player is riding a creature (This means player states such as climbing ladders/picks, gliding, etc will no longer contest flags)
    - Contesting flags can only happen when a player is above -300 on the z-axis (basically, above the ocean/sea level)
    - Code change for client compatibility