Do you like the journey?

  • Ahoy, sailors!

    A partly stormy trip we already have behind us with Atlas and it will probably not be calmer in the near future.

    What do you think of our community so far?

    Do you feel comfortable here? Are you missing something?

    If you have questions, wishes or suggestions, always bring them here!

    The forum is for you, the community and therefore we would like to know what you might like to change.

    First of all: There won't be a shoutbox :P

    Your AWF-Team

    Arr. Ich habe keinen bestimmten Zweck. Ich kann genauso gut mehr Grog trinken!

  • No, you are not alone! :)

    So far our Servers are mostly running on default settings, that's probably the reason why we don't have such issues.

    But i am really thankful for your feedback and input!

    I'm glad you like the Forum :piratesmile:

    Arr. Ich habe keinen bestimmten Zweck. Ich kann genauso gut mehr Grog trinken!

  • //thumbsup from my end

    servers are running smooth and the crew seems to get along with each other pretty good.


    i'm just a guy having fun with what others do maintain and set up, the servers. so your questions about issues occuring on your end are way

    over my head.

    THX to everyone here - players admins mods etc - who made this experience possible

  • Yeah, what can I say?
    I don't even get to play ARK anymore. :evil::D

    I really like the setting, especially since there is something for everyone. One is not trapped on an island but can explore the whole world by conventional means. If you are no longer in the mood for exhausting heat, you can simply switch to more moderate or cold areas. There is always something new and unknown to discover. It's challenging because you can look after your health on the way, meet other enemy contemporaries, be exposed to the weather, or be exposed to monsters. Both the crew itself (community at server), and the safer departure with several ships are fun. Especially when you need to improvise something.

    The community on the server is fine, I am curious how it will be when the first pirate nests are dug out. Defence won't be unimportant.

    The forum servers run smoothly and are well maintained. Problems are solved quickly and are rather due to early access. Here on the servers you quickly forget while playing that a next patch could be pending or that a server start has to be carried out, so that the game flow is little disturbed.

    I say TOP, TOP: It's the first time in a long time that I've even played through an entire night again. The search factor is present with me. :thumbup::thumbup: