Red Dragon Company is recruiting new members

  • Follow the link to request to join at…/5940-red-dragon-company/

    NA-PVP We are a company seeking members that are 25+ years old who enjoy the grind, pvp when it is needed and sometimes when it is not. We are looking for laid back players who just want to enjoy the game and play it for what it is. Please send a request to join and we will provide the discord link to finish the approval process. *****Please join our discord channel at When you get a chance, please join the discord for Red Dragon Company and follow the request to join intro. ****** Captain - This role will be only a select few that will be commanding the companies ships. This does not include any private ships built for the use of members. Quartermaster - This role will be given to members who have a high interest in helping the Captain run their ship. Deck Hand - These members will help keep repairs up and the ships stocked with supplies, such as repair resources, tools while the ships are docked. Farmer - These members will help farm material needed for every day use and keep storage full of resources, setting up farms, fishing and cooking. Mate - This rank is for members who are not sure what they want to do, but will pitch in to fill crews when the ships depart and other needs. **All members will be required in the need of defense or battle attacks against other companies.**