Atlas Dedicated Server Tools

  • Ahoy!:)

    I put together some tools to help configure your servers!

    Generate the needed strings and create a game.ini all within this helpful tool! More to come!

    You can find a:

    • Player Stat Multiplier Tool
    • Engram Per Level Generator
    • Experience per Level (max level) Generator

    Check it out and let me know what you think!

    Atlas Dedicated Server Tools

  • Change log: V1.0(1)


    First off, you will notice a new default page that has all place holder text. The text is in the works!

    A big feature I have added is the ability to create your own .ini file using the tools within the site. All from the same page! No loading. Just seamless switching. Copy and paste into the text field, name your file and download!

    Thank you for using my toolz! Smoooth sailing!


    I made a list of all the changes I made since the first version went live:


    • Assigned domain name!
    • New "Home" page as default(place holder text) - Will display custom Atlas Grids, Atlas information, and more
    • New "Create .ini File" page added
    • New Header Image
    • New Terms of Service page
    • New Privacy Policy Page Updated and body style
    • Added footer to each page
    • New Navigation bar to easily switch between tools
    • Box and container organization redone - Neat, tidy pages!
    • Optimization of page switching. No more loading! Seamless switching between tools.
    • New donation link to paypal - Thank you :D
    • Added text for instructions on how to copy to each page

    Per Stat Tool:

    • New boxes to hold text
    • Added new tables to the "Per Level Stat" tool - This will display the relation stats
    • Reworked text field labels for better accuracy of what they do

    EXP Override Tool:

    • Optimized output for "Experience Ramp Override" - Now a more gradual rise in experience
    • Changed description for each text output field for better instruction

    "Create .ini File" page

    • Description Added
    • Text for starting game.ini line Added
    • Test area to paste outputs of other tools Added
    • Upload file button ("Testing") Added
    • Load file to textbox button ("Testing") Added
    • Download file button Added
    • File name text field Added

    Ideas? Questions? Concerns? Comments Below!