Patch vers 20.1

  • Patchversion: 20.1

    Releasestatus: released

    - 6x Rates - Harvesting, Taming, Experience, and Gold.

    - Claim flags will no longer prevent enemy building. You can now build anywhere, and only structure build radius will prevent it. This is a non-default, which will be enabled on our PvP Networks. Unofficials can also use this as a custom server-side config.

    - All servers, other than Golden Age Ruin servers, can be set to home servers, allowing players to respawn at them.

    1. Game.ini:
    2. [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]
    3. bDontRequireClaimFlagsForBuilding=1
    4. bIsLawlessHomeServer=1

    This is what we’re enabling on all our non-Golden Age ruin servers, but please note that you must also flag the corresponding grids as homeservers on the servergrid.json

    This patch will also include:

    - Whispering voice hotkey

    - Server side config that allows you to alter the distance for the 3 voice modes: Whispering, Normal, and Yelling.

    1. Game.ini:
    2. [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]
    3. ProximityRadius = 8500
    4. YellingRadius = 22000
    5. WhisperRadius = 2000

    - Removing the Destruction Mesh on Lighthouses

    - Increased the limit of folders in inventories from 20 to 40, and 80 in Bookshelves

    - Treasure Map names now includes the grid for easy filtering

    - Explosive Barrels can no longer be used as an ammo type for cannons. Any loaded ones will just fire regular cannons. They'll be receiving a large redesign in the major update coming in March.

    - Fixed chat scrolling, so it now works again with Page Up and Page Down

    - Fixed an edge case where voice chat would stop working unless the client relogged

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