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    Atlas "New World", Saturday, 03/09/2019:

    - A dream doesn't leave me alone, our little village is surrounded by mountains. Unfortunately, this remains a dream, or a hint for the future.

    - We'll be leaving soon to explore new unknown lands. Maybe we will build a village surrounded by protective mountains like in a dream.

    - Many errands are made and some goods are shipped back and forth. It is always nice to watch the sea so calm and colourful.

    - A new galleon is under construction to help with the relocation. Beside the ark, which is also an unusual galleon to given dimensions and which takes in the animals, our whole fleet will set off soon.

    - Times are getting restless, so it's high time to go. Marauding buccaneers have blown up the moult to the village with powder barrels and destroyed part of the harbour. One of our important flagships was sunk. The crew has perished. We desperately show away from the wreck.

    - All the more reason to leave the village to its downfall.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Sailing Master Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Atlas "Shipyard", Sunday, 02/10/2019:
    - The shipyard is currently free and I have enough wood to build a ship for me. It should be a seaworthy brig.

    - I had the basic form explained to me, so that I could keep to the exact building specification for the skeleton.

    - I have chosen the planking very sparingly for the middle deck to save wood, which I then use for the deck construction.

    - I only made a narrow border for the recording of the six cannons.
    - The deck superstructures I designed airy, so enough light comes to the lower decks and the ventilation does not allow the water and the food to bum so quickly.

    - For defense, I have mounted on the deck two swifel guns and two more cannons at the rear. I hope that helps me to repel pursuers.

    - I chose a four-master. Two mainsails, a medium and a small sail, should take me fast enough from one island to another.
    - The launch was very noisy but everything is tight and now my new brig waiting for the maiden voyage.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Sailing Master Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Atlas "Dewels Juwel", Saturday, 02/02/2019:


    - I know Dewels Jewel now why it is so called.

    - Terrific impressive sundowns.

    - I finally have the rosemary found and that one of Lignonberrys here, too.

    - I can cook a couple of firmer meals now.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Sailing Master Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Atlas "Exploration", Wednesday, 01/16/2019:


    - We decide to explore some islands of the eastern seas. Rather the islands which should lie there, arouse our interest.

    - On the way, I fulfill my obligation as Smutje and cook some treats.

    - From the corner of my eye I notice a movement and look around. Damned there our ship mascot actually jumped to the larder.

    - He observes my reaction closely, but can't let his gaze leave the provisions either. But you really can't be mad at him.

    - On the way to a somewhat bigger island we head for a small piece of land to take some provisions. Here we discover the remains of former settlers.

    - Many dangerous wolves must have driven the settlers away. We, too, are struggling to escape the clutches.

    - We set sail again and discover a beautiful extensive island with many waterfalls and beautiful landscapes and enjoy this small excursion to the fullest.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Sailing Master Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Atlas "Dangerous Treasure Hunt", Sunday, 01/13/2019:

    - A wonderful day is dawning, the surroundings are glistening orange red.
    - After cooking and baking comes up long while. We browse through the old map collections and discover markings on the maps.
    - Without further ado we decide to investigate the matter and set off to visit the old horse head.

    - We approach the plateau and once again scare up strong guards who probably want to keep us from finding something valuable.
    - The treasure maps apparently have a hidden trigger that activates the guards when viewed near the treasure.
    - Luckily we have fire with us and set fire to our arrows with rags. The spirits we called are quickly razed to the ground.

    - Groundbreaking and it sounds like metal. The misting of a chest causes the noise.
    - We'll raise a treasure, hooray!
    - Beside all kinds of worthless tand there are also some gold coins.
    - Most beautiful is an old headgear with mythical embroideries and some tools which are artfully decorated.
    - In the ramparts back we stow our things.

    - Curiously we go into our workshop to search the map cabinet for more interesting treasure maps.
    - Suddenly a noise makes us startle. The floor rises, the wood breaks under deafening noise and several fire extinguishers open.
    - Guardians pierce the wood and stem their way through the floor timbers.
    - We flee outside in panic and our tamed lion courageously confronts the guards.
    - We try to keep the guards in check as much as possible but we can't calm the lion down and the guards attack him.
    - Our house bear supports us in our efforts to destroy the guards. With our last strength we manage to banish the guards.
    - Our lion, however, was eaten by the beasts and dragged underground.
    - We are horrified, what were we thinking, to simply open the old cards, so full of magic.

    - Sadly we lift the treasure so dearly bought and repair the workshop.

    - This should be a lesson to us to study the maps just like that without taking appropriate precautions.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Sailing Master Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Atlas "The Galleon"", Thursday, 01/10/2019:
    - After the horror voyage and the damned, a new ship must come, capable of defying the spirits of the sea.

    - It is supposed to be a galleon, which is now already recognizable in broad outlines.
    - I've been given a little sloop again. Since my fishing boat sank, I could not make any further supply trips so far.

    - With the Sloop I sailed to the Freeport to mine the coal there. With the coal we can then produce the necessary gunpowder.

    - Again in the home port I look at our surroundings again and smile satisfied.

    Atlas "Everywhere Damned On the See", Wednesday, 01/09/2019:
    - With Lulu, the peaceable, resilient horse of our community, I set out to collect coal and flint.
    - Capable hands used it to make ammunition for the big guns.
    - A lot of material has been put on the schooners to strengthen the new harbour on an island which is off the beaten track.
    - To get tin we plan with 2 schooners a short trip to one of the known islands.

    - At the best sunset we set sail.
    - We are denied the way, mile after mile we have to realize that our plan is turning into a fiasco.
    - The schooner on which I am travelling is severely damaged. I can barely keep up with the repair of the worst spots.
    - A big leak has occurred and I manage with difficulty to pour out the water with the bucket.
    - The other schooner sinks in battle with the many damn ghost ships who knew in some way about our plans, including the valuable cargo.
    - With difficulty we can rescue the captain of the sunken schooner from the troubled ocean.
    - May his ship, his cargo and the rest of the crew rest peacefully at the bottom of the sea.
    - Maybe we'll try diving for the valuable cargo to salvage.
    - We reach the island with our last strength, repair the ship makeshift and recover exhausted from the strains of the journey.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Gunner Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Atlas "Cyclops", Tuesday, 01/08/2019:
    - It should be a leisurely voyage of discovery with the fishing boat. Wonderful weather, good mood, full sails.

    - Land in sight, I'm anchoring off an offshore island I don't know. High buildings rise up from the rear huge land mass.
    - Mushroom-like dwellings and towers with blue shining teeth are to be seen. I'm watching the headland.
    - Just as I'm about to swim ashore, I notice huge masses of moving meat. From the head, if you can call it that, a single golden eye shines and it looks at me hateful.

    - The Cyclops, and he is not the only one, effortlessly ploughs through the water and heads straight for my fishing boat.

    - A mighty blow with his club sweeps me off the deck. I catch a plank and drift towards the open sea.
    - I watch helplessly as the cyclops beat the fishing boat to lump.
    - After hours drifting on the sea, a small fleet with a grappling hook collects me from the water. I tell you about my experience and people hardly want to believe me.

    - Together we visit the island again and can only keep a cyclope at a distance with difficulty. Even huge cannon shots flash his eyes at best.
    - We take out rice and save our skin. To our annoyance, we are also beset by ghost ships. A ghost ship had to be sunk as well.

    - Now we are exhausted and happy to find some rest.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Gunner Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Atlas "First big ride", Sunday, 01/06/2019:
    - Got a lot of advice from the old harbour master on how to steer a cutter. First, he advised me to hire a crew that could operate the sails.
    - In addition, provisions and repair material were stored in bags and crates. At the cutter itself I repaired one or the other plank.
    - Repair hammer and grappling hook were also stowed away. For the payment of the team I screwed a safe box together and stored some gold there.

    - Let's go, I want to get iron and sugar cane from a distant island. The adventure begins, the weather is good for me.
    - The crossing was a pleasure and it is a sublime feeling to have arrived safely at the destination. I could even pull some flotsam with the grappling hook on board.

    - I shared one or the other gold coin with the crew and also issued a portion of rum. They should be at peace.

    - On the island I found a lot of sugar cane and iron, so that the hatches were filled to the brim. The wind was already favourable on the way there and should not let me down on the way back. Sailed with the wind it went quickly into the native regions.

    - At home the majestic lighthouse welcomed me and guided me safely to our berth in the harbour basin.
    - News from faraway lands reached me as soon as I arrived.

    - Today a trader arrived who was sent to us on behalf of the Crown. He informed us that our beloved and esteemed warhorse and captain Edward Dakhar Teague is in negotiations with the Crown.
    - Edward is consulted with the Crown on the territories we have taken possession of in the New World and hopes for far-reaching freedoms.
    - The trader could not tell if he had already been successful and if he would return soon. The final hearing by the Crown was still pending. Let us hope for joyful news soon from our Edward.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Gunner Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Atlas "Clean up and plants", Friday, 01/04/2019:

    - After a swashbuckler has brought me exotic seeds from far away, I try to prepare a suitable planting area. I hope it germinates quickly.
    - We listened to the sailor's yarn and decided to follow the story of a great lost treasure.

    - In warm surroundings curious elephants show up and it has even been possible to play a little with them. Our fat mate did not let us take it and let us carry him on his tusks. A nice picture gave that away.

    - At first we searched in vain for the very big treasure to find it in the end. High up in the rock he hid from curious glances. Besides gold there were also some rare instructions to distribute.

    - Except for a few fire arrows which landed at not intended places, all remained intact and we now dream happily of the gold coins which had fallen into our hands.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Gunner Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Atlas "Clean up and plants", Thursday, 01/03/2019:
    - In the meantime I have arrived safely at our village. Now we have to take care of the plants.

    - Special potting soil is rare and I had to choose a special place for a few beans to satisfy the sensitive plants.
    - Produce fertilizer and quickly install a water reservoir that will allow the seed to grow.
    - Gradually I get muscle packs like grandmother's thighs from the constant digging up of the beds. What can you do for the gluttonous crew?

    - A bit closer, I put some food sacks on the fishing boat.
    - Satisfactorily I observe the growing village, here one can feel comfortable.

    - The kitchen is tidy and the dripping tap is repaired.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Gunner Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Atlas "In the new year", Wednesday, 01/02/2019:
    - After the kitchen is cleared and a water connection works I can concentrate on adventure again.

    - Once again we discovered a treasure map and went digging with a small heap on the island.

    - At least there was some gold for everyone, even though the box was defended by some more disgusting fleshless creatures. We had no sympathy and beat you all to a pulp.

    - Today I was given a small fishing boat, which I can now use for material transport and as a catering ship. My joy is groß´, now I have to deal with the sails. There's a lot to learn.

    - Strengthened by our success in the treasure hunt, we equipped our small fleet with provisions and sails to procure sugar cane. Of course ghost ships cross our way again. But we don't dare to bring them up and we let each other go on in peace.

    - Afterwards we make a crossing to another base which we expand. A stone house is to be built here and everyone is busy collecting until we are tired and fall into our bunk.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Gunner Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Yes for sure, change of diferent Flags and also have a place to set a couple of different signal flags on a extra mast.

    Also a signalmast for landbased area would be fine.

    More random structural differences, e. g. in the construction of houses. Cracks in walls, slightly different colours depending on the type of stones used. E. g. mixture of 50 % stones and 50 % sandstones results in a different clay. So you can give different villages a different character depending on the area where they were built. ;)

    Atlas "Cheers Old Year", Monday, 12/31/2018:
    - The year ends quietly. Everyone thinks of their loved ones and enjoys the end of the exciting year.

    - The new irrigation seems to be effective. I had strong support with ideas and craftsmanship the line was redesigned.

    - I enjoy the atmosphere in the now quiet but small growing village community.

    - Our nest, as they say.

    - Quickly find fire spells together to keep the spirits away or even banish them.

    Until next year

    Your Gunner Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Atlas "Procure provisions", Sunday, 12/30/2018:

    - It's time to sail! We lack some materials and cooking ingredients, so that we dare with the freshly built brig a trip to another island.

    - Our fields cannot be cultivated versatile enough because we lack rare seeds. To that we need a special kind of straw, which also satisfies our choosy cows. Hopefully they'll finally give milk.

    - For some high-quality bows and other war weapons different metals are needed. It is therefore necessary to trade or search for the required metals on other islands.
    - We'll be on our way through adverse weather. The brig does well and pulls away with the wind. Everyone is eager to see whether the mission will be a success.

    - At night we make fires to drive the spirits away.

    - We sighted an island lined with high mountain massifs. Here we shall try our luck. About time. We'll have to catch fish and water anyway.
    - On land we hunt some wild boar, which supply us with fresh meat.
    - Some of us have started a swarm of bees and run to save their skin.
    - We find a coveted straw hard for our domestic cows and we also uncover some silver veins.
    - We're tediously hauling everything aboard. Happy about the successful mission we set sail and sail back to our homeland.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Gunner Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Atlas "New Home sweet Home", Saturday, 12/29/2018:
    - I'm sick and I don't get much of the hustle and bustle around me. They grab me aboard the schooner and let me rest.
    - It was decided to explore a new place for the foundation of a port. The fauna is simply too overwhelming for us to be able to oppose it for a long time, important resources are rather scarce here.
    - We sailed on to more temperate regions and landed on a promising piece of land. Here it is spacious and peaceful. I am visibly recovering and am joyfully amazed at what has already been created in this short time. It's a small settlement unloading. Everyone is helping with the construction and things are moving forward quickly. I'm about to be charged with a heap of work.

    - My workspace the kitchen takes shapes and I look for fine herbs to add some taste to the food. What was cooked in my absence is worse than oatmeal.
    - Later in the day we decide to study a treasure map that was washed up in a message in a bottle. It seems she's showing a nearby island. We put together a search party and run out with the schooner to make a search of the island and its treasure. We take shovel, climbing hook and plenty of provisions with us. Hopefully we will be lucky and the treasure is still in place.

    - Arriving on the island we are surprised by the variety of different plants, we collect what we can and forget to look for the treasure.
    - We sweat and moan because it is very hot here and fear for our water supplies.

    - Reaching the place where the treasure is supposed to be is very challenging. We have to climb huge steep sand formations. Several times we lose the overview and climb the wrong wall on the mountain. Our climbing hooks suffer and some of them slide down the steep flanks several times.
    - Finally arrived we approach the site and a horror befalls us. Skeletons rise from the sandy ground, the guardians of the treasure have awakened.
    - We bravely face the battle and after feeling infinite time the spook seems to be over. One or the other have more than one arrow in the back and must be supplied.
    - We gather with a spade around the site and are more than confident that the heavily guarded treasure is still buried on site.

    - With the first cut of the spade it sounds wooden and a chest is exposed. We divide the gold and find to our surprise still documents which describe the construction of some tools.

    - Near a waterhole we notice a fountain from ancient times. We'll rope down to explore it. Here it is dark and apparently the wells served to imprison poor souls. Skeletons testify to unimaginable suffering. We'll leave this cruel tomb as soon as possible.
    - Everyone still has some space to carry, so we harvest some more material. Our pockets are full now. Tired we return home with the schooner and stow our treasures in our boxes.

    - In the evening we kill a giant tuna together, which will supply us with fish meat for a few days.

    Until the next logbook entry

    Your Gunner Berko Brackwater :piratesmile::compass:

    Yeah, what can I say?
    I don't even get to play ARK anymore. :evil::D

    I really like the setting, especially since there is something for everyone. One is not trapped on an island but can explore the whole world by conventional means. If you are no longer in the mood for exhausting heat, you can simply switch to more moderate or cold areas. There is always something new and unknown to discover. It's challenging because you can look after your health on the way, meet other enemy contemporaries, be exposed to the weather, or be exposed to monsters. Both the crew itself (community at server), and the safer departure with several ships are fun. Especially when you need to improvise something.

    The community on the server is fine, I am curious how it will be when the first pirate nests are dug out. Defence won't be unimportant.

    The forum servers run smoothly and are well maintained. Problems are solved quickly and are rather due to early access. Here on the servers you quickly forget while playing that a next patch could be pending or that a server start has to be carried out, so that the game flow is little disturbed.

    I say TOP, TOP: It's the first time in a long time that I've even played through an entire night again. The search factor is present with me. :thumbup::thumbup: